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Communicating the Power/Identity Project ( initiatives: Supportive palliative healing ARTS. Emboldening at-risk women and youth into knowing their TRUE WORTH--illuminated by their own positive creative expression! Empowerment Tools to end retraumatization.

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Tuesday May 03, 2022

This episode is a missive entitled Human&Holy Nature. A #selfbelief #peptalk. Simple as that! Humility is one things! But we can take it way too far into a ridiculous #inferioritycomplex preventing us from developing #truepassion & seeking power-filled relationships! Versus being obsessed with less-than when we believe we are less deserving. Serenity in knowing we have fulfilled our calling is a choice! (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well! -Ms. L) (c) 2022 

Thursday Mar 17, 2022

In this episode as a #dovetail to our missive "Incomparable" we find a reflection on replacing the language we speak to ourselves and others that is indicative of our #deepregret #regrets and perceived #mistakes and replacing it with words of hope and healing. By telling ourselves and others we are at our happiest we will be finally telling ourselves the truth! And the truth is where happiness actually begins! (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well! -🌹Ms. Lauren)

Thursday Mar 17, 2022

#Angels - This episode is a missive on the topic of being #angelic🕯️in a material and physical existence. On thinking with your #BeautifulHeart. Which, let's face it, is a Heavenly task and takes a true calling. 🌠 Yet, this IS the answer to all of the evil in this world. And you ARE a real #angel!😇 Right here on earth! First though, begin with being sweet and kind to yourself! 🧘‍♀️(Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well! -🌹Ms. Lauren) 

Tuesday Mar 08, 2022

This episode is a very intense but short reflection: INCOMPARABLE. You are beyond compare!🔥 So why do you compare yourself to others? And why and what makes you so unique?  Within this is the truth! Who you are... which makes you truly loveable! Ending self-doubt. Your reflection to remind yourself when the lies of others try to play in your mind. Think with your heart! (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well! (c)2022

Tuesday Mar 01, 2022

In this Missive🌻 (*a companion to the motivation and "write reflections" prompt "S-O-F-T-E-N") the healing of kindness to others on our own spirit is illuminated.☀️ Goodness towards others added to Mercy for those that have not been good to you... truly equals Magic in your own life. The magic of being a healing soul. You have seen the darkness because you ARE the light!🦋 (Thank you for joining me. You all stay well. -🌹Ms. L.)

Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

The missive "Soften" & writing prompt to manifest the core theme. "So-Often" the answer to any strife, turmoil, chaos and conflict is to #SeekUnderstanding. First of others and their motivations. Yet with that clarity we will connect with our own. Is it #Love or #Fear? You can not have the soothing of love in the presence of apprehension and anxiety! #CalmYourThoughts by "hearing" (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well!🌹-Ms. Lauren (c) 2022, All Rights Reserved)

Wednesday Feb 02, 2022

In this Missive... and 📝guided journaling, the topic of Angelic guidance is illuminated. 🧘‍♀️ For your own healing powers and the peace within. (Thank you all for joining me. You all stay well. 🌹-Ms. Lauren) (c) 2022, All Rights Reserved)

Wednesday Jan 26, 2022

A missive entitled "Let it Be So" ... Bravely being Thyself. Being true to your loving nature in a way that your heart is both open and secure! Hurts hurt so badly...True! Yet it pales in how intense our joys. Grief is truly part of a loving life... but would you evermore sacrifice the bliss of deep soulful belonging just so that you will never know loss? That is too empty and too dark. Let it Be... Let Love Live. For God's sake! :) (Thank you all for joining me. You all stay well. -Ms. L.)

Tuesday Jan 04, 2022

 #Resolutions stand no chance carrying old baggage!  This missive reveals an awesome way to start the New Year... by clearing our heart of soul blocks and relationship barriers. Getting down to the core of what is beneath difficult communication and stalled relating. Let's be bigger and brighter in this New Year by owning what we can do towards the greater good and personal and interpersonal healing. (Thank you all for joining me. You all stay well. -Ms. L.)

Monday Dec 20, 2021

This episode is a missive: Every day is a Holiday (Holy Day) Peace. Comfort. Joy. Positivity perspective on end-of-the-year stress and coping with the mentality of certain folks all riled up and rude! All the while they're ironically bent on creating "festive times" and "Holiday Magic" ... The answer is to look away and it will go away! And find the peace and joy inside! and Comfort will find you! :) (Thank you all for joining me! You all #StayWell -Ms. Lauren), 2022 All rights reserved.

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