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Communicating the Power/Identity Project (CP1ip.info) initiatives: Supportive palliative healing ARTS. Emboldening the at-risk: adults/youth into knowing their TRUE WORTH--illuminated by their own positive creative expression! Empowerment Tools to end retraumatization.

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Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

This episode is a minute missive on the topic of healing from overreacting. Born from true events - legit and valid - the answer is to be in the "Hear" - here and now! Don't make assumptions based on the past events. Look for "what's good" ... it's really about your peace and comfort. Honor yourself by finding joy in today! (Thank you for listening - you all stay well. -Ms. L) (c) 2024, Roger that! Communications cp1ip.org

Monday Oct 30, 2023

This episode is pure empowerment. A Missive - a reflection to ponder to encourge your own soul and a quote to close! Remember to Keep on Keeping On. Press on! When something is amiss or worse... it's about them, not you! YOU live your power (don't give it away for nothing!) (Thank you all for joining me. - Be well! - Ms. L)

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

This episode is a swift lil missive to remind you that listening to your gut is imperative! And having a purpose/a calling is how #hope lives! Our ego likes to lead us astray - throw up roadblocks of fear but ultimately your soul prevails. You are a gifted soul - live the gift bestowed upon you to anoint your realm! Giving and having such grace! (Thank you all for joining me. Stay good! -Ms. L 🧘‍♀️) 

Thursday Jun 29, 2023

Love your body challenge. Try these things and change a life! YOUR Own! I got worn out hearing women, patients, clients and my own family dissing their own beautiful selves and began to DO something and speak up about Body Image Empowerment. #Lookism is a global epidemic, no less! You're More! (Thank u for stopping by. You're loved! -Ms. L)

Tuesday May 16, 2023

On Loss. Ok. A bit of a missive and a quote to close. I was forced to use the word "grief" once in this. And I reveal  more overused and the rote - all in an effort to reveal how far we need to come in recognizing and validating the trauma of loss in others... and what NOT to say is a more valid way to label this "to the point" podcast about what everyone has suffered, there's no way around it. How to feel and do better. (Thank you all for joining me. Stay well. -  Ms L)

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

This episode is a "minute missive" on the topic of your strengths! Listen to me: You're Super! You're the hero/heroine in your own story of choosing to power through each day, each challenge, each joy... with willpower and grace. Be encouraged - be IN courage! (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well! - Ms. L) (c) 2023, cp1ip.org

Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

This is a dovetail to the missive "For Goodness Sake  "A Rose is Still a Rose" (aka🌹The Rose Story)" ... a moment to reflect on your goodness and words to help you get there. And in closing one of my favorite quotes on just one way choosing kindness and loving actions heals us! (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well! -Ms. L) (c) 2023, cp1ip.org - All Rights Reserved 

Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

This episode is a sweet missive on goodness... in you, around you, that you will see in situations/others once you first accept your own natural goodness. The title is "A rose is Still a Rose" (yeah, by any other name*) for "goodness sake"-another core belief to heal the at-risk. And we are all privy to traumas and 💔 that bring about in us a sense of useless, baseless worthlessness, that is not about you! (Thank you all for joining me! Stay well please! -Ms. L.)  (C) 2023, cp1ip.org

Friday Nov 04, 2022

This episode is a reflection to consider on the topic of finding your purpose through Motivation for good not a motive from ego! Having a purpose for healing and love (that considers your own peace of mind and the sanctity of others) is the secret to a powerful living and power filled life! (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well!❣️ -Ms. Lauren)

Friday Oct 14, 2022

This episode is a reading entitled "Love in all Things" ... a quote and a passage that speaks volumes on what real time #love means. #SaintMotherTeresa #LoveisKind #UnconditionalLove (Thank you all for joining me! You all stay well! -Ms. L.)   © 2022, cp1ip.org

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